Speech & Drama

The Speech Syllabus of the Australian College of Music has been designed for both students and adults who wish to acquire confidence and competence with the spoken word.

  • Speech and Drama – A graded programme covering Drama, Poetry, Prose and Technical Knowledge.  There is a large Australian content.  These examinations lead to Diplomas which enable students to obtain a Teaching qualification in Speech and Drama.
  • Public Speaking – A graded programme focusing on training students to speak both prepared and impromptu material, and to read aloud competently.  It also teaches students about “meeting procedure”.  It leads to a Diploma of Public Speaking.
  • Speaking and Communicating – A graded programme designed to help students develop oral skills for normal social and business interaction.
  • Performance Skills – a programme for students in Years 10 – 12 which allows students to complement skills explored in secondary school Drama and English classrooms.

In each of these areas a “Competency Award” is available.  This is a discrete award designed for students who wish to engage in a period of learning, and achieve recognition at the end of their study.

Queensland Certificate of Education

ACM examinations are recognised by the Queensland Studies Authority as enrichment courses for inclusion on the QCE. Grades 4-7 receive 1 point and Diplomas receive 2 points. See the Qld Studies Authority site for more information.