Speech & Drama

The Speech Syllabus of the Australian College of Music has been designed for both students and adults who wish to acquire confidence and competence with the spoken word.

  • Speech and Drama – A graded programme covering Drama, Poetry, Prose and Technical Knowledge.  There is a large Australian content.  These examinations lead to Diplomas which enable students to obtain a Teaching qualification in Speech and Drama.
  • Public Speaking – A graded programme focusing on training students to speak both prepared and impromptu material, and to read aloud competently.  It also teaches students about “meeting procedure”.  It leads to a Diploma of Public Speaking.
  • Speaking and Communicating – A graded programme designed to help students develop oral skills for normal social and business interaction.
  • Performance Skills – a programme for students in Years 10 – 12 which allows students to complement skills explored in secondary school Drama and English classrooms.

In each of these areas a “Competency Award” is available.  This is a discrete award designed for students who wish to engage in a period of learning, and achieve recognition at the end of their study.