Awards Recipients 2013

Music – Michi Hartnett
Speech- Anthony Patsalou

Olivia Illidge

Elina Wong Yoke Ching –AACM – Pianoforte (Performer) – Singapore
Jessica Anne Duncan – Diploma in Communication – Speaking and Communicating – Brisbane
Jacinta Lam – AACM – Pianoforte (Performer) – Brisbane
Ashwin Ashish Mavani – AACM Pianoforte (Performer) – Brisbane
Lachlan Mitchell John Weh – AACM – Pianoforte (Performer) – Brisbane
Eloise West – Speaking and Communicating – Brisbane
Prep 1
Gold Medal: Genevieve Dean (Pianoforte) Gin Gin
Silver Medal: Bethanie Alina Barnes (Violin) Gin Gin,  Lauren Korger (Pianoforte) Cairns
Prep 2
Gold Medal: Marcus Ibsen (Pianoforte),  Aaron Lim (Pianoforte),  Nikhil Patel (Pianoforte) Gold Coast
Silver Medal: James Enwright (Pianoforte) Gold Coastm  Tara Rose McGrath (Pianoforte),  Charlotte Elizabeth Smith (Pianoforte) Cairns
Grade I 
Gold Medal: Rohnan Croker (Pianoforte) Brisbane
Silver Medal: Tim David Wilson (Pianoforte) Toowoomba
Grade II
Gold Medal: Aaron Ma (Pianoforte) Gold Coast,  Keertana Muraleedaran (Pianoforte) Cairns
Silver Medal:  Bella Harris (Pianoforte) Gold Coast,  Weng Onn Wong (Pianoforte) Cairns,  Holly Yarrow (Pianoforte) Toowoomba
Grade III
Gold Medal: Charlotte Gregory (Pianoforte)  Cairns,  Weng Keong Wong (Pianoforte) Cairns
Silver Medal: Deepak Cherian Koshy (Pianoforte) Mackay
Grade IV
Gold Medal: Mia Peled-Bolger (Pianoforte)
Silver Medal: Tamara Kube (Pianoforte) Cairns
Grade V
Gold Medal: Michi Hartnett (Pianoforte) Cairns
Silver Medal: Kathy Ann Roulston (Pianoforte) Bundaberg
Grade VI
Gold Medal:: Grace Elizabeth Schofield (Alto Saxophone) Mackay
Grade VII
Gold Medal: Olivia Ellen Robins (Clarinet) Maryborough

Theory of Music
Grade I
Gold Medal: RohnanCroker Brisbane
Silver Medal: Keenan Clay Brisbane
Grade II
Gold Medal: Gabriella Joy Ceolin Murrumba Downs,  Chloe Dorge Brisbane
Silver Medal: Michael Stewart Bryce Mareeba
Grade III
Gold Medal: Kerrie Lea Vezzoli Marian
Silver Medal: Lisa Jennings Mareeba
Grade IV
Gold Medal: Johan Leonard Baines Murrumba Downs

Speech and Drama
Prep 1
Gold Medal: Brianna Devney Townsville
Silver Medal: Stephanie Dalton Townsville
Prep 2
Gold Medal: Mikayla Michelle Southern Wurtulla
Silver Medal: Kayleigh Macdonald Townsville
Prep 3
Gold Medal: Josephine Hawley Brisbane
Silver Medal: Natarya Fisher Townsville
Prep 4
Gold Medal: Oliver Dalziel Toowoomba
Silver Medal: Christiana Patsalou Toowoomba
Grade I
Gold Medal: Rosemarie Dixon Toowoomba
Silver Medal: Louise Petersen Toowoomba
Grade II
Gold Medal: Anthony Patsalou Toowoomba
Silver Medal: Erin Higgins Toowoomba,  Lilyanne Sawkins Townsville
Grade III
Gold Medal: Matthew Osborn Townsville
Silver Medal: Alice Rowling Toowoomba
Grade IV
Gold Medal: Georgina Bowly Toowoomba
Grade V
Gold Medal: Olivia Illidge Townsville
Grade VI
Gold Medal: Susannah Elise Miller Townsville,  Emily Symmons Townsville
Silver Medal: Ben Shi Toowoomba
Grade VII
Gold Medal: Chiara Osborn Toowoomba
Silver Medal: Aleysha Martin Toowoomba

Theory of Speech and Drama
Grade VI
Gold Medal: Susannah Elise Miller Townsville

Performance Skills
Grade V
Gold Medal: Drew Russell Buddina

Speaking and Communicating
Prep 1
Gold Medal: Emma Adams Townsville,  Isabella Arnold Townsville
Silver Medal: Cohan Russell Townsville
Prep 2
Gold Medal: Kate Woodford Townsville
Silver Medal: Ebony Turner Townsville
Prep 3
Gold Medal: Macey Bennett Townsville,  Angus Horlock Townsville,  Tiana Parsons Townsville
Silver Medal: Lauren Atkinson Townsville,  Charlotte McDonnell Townsville
Prep 4
Gold Medal: Max Bainbridge Townsville
Silver Medal: Sophie Mednis Brisbane
Grade I
Gold Medal: Keely Hudson Townsville
Silver Medal: Eliza Warnock Townsville
Grade II
Gold Medal: John Atkinson Townsville
Silver Medal: Will Bainbridge Townsville
Grade III
Gold Medal: Rachel Fisher Townsville,  Susan Leong Townsville,  Taylor O’Neill Townsville
Silver Medal: Samantha Shaw-McHenry Townsville
Grade IV
Gold Medal: Alexander Wright Toowoomba
Silver Medal: Chase Brockett Brisbane
Grade V
Gold Medal: Jackson Price Brisbane
Silver Medal: Meg Mackenzie Brisbane
Grade VI
Gold Medal: Kate Milward Brisbane
Grade VII
Gold Medal: Sanjay Vasudeva Brisbane

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